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Real-Time Data Movement from MPE to Open Systems

Ensure data consistency across your LAN or WAN when moving data between HP 3000 and open systems with BridgeWare™ for MPE. This solution automates this difficult process, saving you time and ensuring consistency.

BridgeWare is a cooperative endeavor with Taurus Software, and helps you perform vital data tasks, such as:

  • One-time data migration
  • Continual data movement to data warehouses, data marts or new open system applications
  • Consolidation of data into a common, centralized database or data warehouse, allowing you to access and update data across multiple platforms
  • Real-time or scheduled posting of TurboIMAGE and KSAM
  • Updates to MPE files on an Oracle RDBMS running on Unix or NT systems
  • Supports data movement to: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, IMAGE, ODBC, XML, Eloquence, KSAM and flat files.