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Application Remediation

A feature of ChangeBASE

Automatically identify and fix compatibility issues with ChangeBASE for successful and cost-effective migrations as well as efficient day-to-day application management. Detect issues before you deploy to reduce post-deployment failures.

How it works:

Automatically remediate compatibility issues
Auto-fix the majority of the issues identified for Windows 7, 8 or 10 by producing a Windows Installer transform (MST) to wrap around the original installers. ChangeBASE offers guidance to help you decide if you should apply an auto-fix or select a more tailored fix via easy-to-use “Next Steps” notes. Auto remediation can be applied to multiple applications at once, if desired.
Custom auto remediation
Create custom auto-fixes using PowerShell.
Cut testing times
Cut compatibility testing times and deliver application packages faster while improving quality of execution and eliminating the potential for post-deployment failures.