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Application Virtualization

A feature of ChangeBASE

Adopting application virtualization can help you quickly deploy, recover and manage applications for your end users while also providing portability and security. However, not all apps will work in virtual formats. ChangeBASE can help accelerate adoption by testing compatibility across all of the current application virtualization technologies — Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp and Symantec SWV virtual technology formats. Where possible, ChangeBASE can provide safe auto-fixes for you to enable better virtualization. Auto conversion from standard installers to virtual formats is also possible.

How it works:

Detect virtual application compatibility issues
By reading in all the metadata of an application installer, ChangeBASE can programmatically test all your applications (including in-house apps) and provide compatibility reports for all current application virtualization technologies. ChangeBASE provides compatibility reports that combine the results of assessing against all desired technologies and platforms so you can get a more holistic view of how your apps will fare on each platform.
Customizable and intuitive reports
High-level and detailed reports help you get just the right view of your compatibility level. Detailed reports help you pinpoint exact issues, along with expert guidance to help quickly resolve issues. High-level reports help you scope the work and effort involved and provide project phase tracking.
Automate conversion to virtual formats
Automatically convert applications into virtual application packages. The Custom Conversion Technology feature also allows you to run any packaging/virtualization solution that can be command line driven in a virtual machine environment.
Knowledge management
Continuously grow knowledge of virtual app compatibility with built-in checks and regular check updates. Check updates are available online and do not require an update of the main product. Custom checks can also be created to allow you to tailor the assessment to your own environment or settings.