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Database Management

Gain visibility into your databases to spot errors before they become failures. Quest database management family of products delivers more automation to simplify your enterprise and take on your organization’s next initiative. Proactively manage and operate on-prem, cloud and hybrid databases. Simplify today’s increasingly complex database technology, control the chaos and prepare for tomorrow’s ever-growing data volumes.

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Foglight for Databases


Largely due to the increased adoption of DevOps and requirements of data privacy regulations, database administrators and developers are facing seismic shifts in their job responsibilities. DBAs must manage more complex databases while protecting sensitive data, and developers must push code to production faster without causing disruptions. None of this can be done without management tools.

ApexSQL is a comprehensive tool set that streamlines and automates SQL Server database management and development processes. With its expansive portfolio of products, ApexSQL enables SQL Server DBAs and developers to dramatically increase their efficiency without sacrificing the quality of their work or the safety of the databases.

Foglight for Databases ensures the health of your database environment 01:58

Foglight for Databases

With more on your plate than ever – from massive data volumes and multiple database platforms, to DevOps and the cloud – cross-platform database monitoring is critical. You can’t afford any database downtime or performance degradation.

It’s easy to get caught up in fighting fires reactively, but what if you could prevent them in the first place? You could avoid risk and stress, spend more time on strategic initiatives and ensure your business runs smoothly.

Foglight cross-platform database software allows you to proactively improve database performance and increase visibility by monitoring all your diverse databases centrally, through a single console. With alerting, diagnostics, performance analytics and more, you’ll easily optimize database health – across your entire environment.

SharePlex®: Keep applications and databases in sync and ready for use at a moment’s notice 01:59


Love your database but hate your data replication tools? You may feel as if you’re stuck paying for costly management packs and add-ons that don’t deliver all the functionality you need. But what if you could achieve your database goals – without buying native tools? You’d free up resources to invest in new ways to drive your business forward.

With SharePlex®, you can replicate Oracle data – at a fraction of the price of native tools. Easily achieve high availability, increase scalability, integrate data and offload reporting with the all-inclusive solution your database vendor doesn’t want you to know about. Move your data – not your budget – with affordable database replication software.



It’s time for database professionals to accelerate innovation and improve the service quality of applications. Spotlight database performance monitoring solutions for SQL Server meet the demands of the modern business – making databases more accessible and easier to manage.

When you can diagnose SQL Server performance issues quickly and accurately, it becomes easy to ensure your database enviroment remains healthy. Spotlight solutions provide unmatched monitoring, diagnosis and optimization of your SQL Server environments, so you’ll enjoy peak performance around the clock. With intuitive overviews of database performance, automated alerts and actions, an integrated tuning module and mobile device support, Spotlight makes it easier than ever to safeguard the health of your SQL Server databases – on-premises and in the cloud.



Toad Software is a database management toolset from Quest that database developers, database administrators and data analysts use to manage both relational and non-relational databases using SQL. Take a proactive approach to database management. Re-focus your teams on more strategic initiatives, and move your business forward in today’s data-driven economy.

Toad solutions enable you to maximize your investment in data technology by empowering data professionals to automate processes, minimize risks and cut project delivery timelines by nearly half. Lower the total cost of ownership for new applications by reducing the impact of inefficient code on productivity, future development cycles, performance and availability.

Database Management Case Studies


"Migrating would have caused about 20 hours of downtime if we'd done it manually. We were able to reduce this time window to just 40 minutes with SharePlex."

Sunil Nookala - Senior IT Manager

Zions Bancorporation

"I save a lot of time with Toad Data Point because I’m not hopping around to different tools. I just open Toad Data Point in the morning and I don’t have to ever leave it."

James McGregor - Business Intelligence Administrator

Philadelphia Youth Network

"This tool has been instrumental in giving our leaders, our executives, the information they need so they can see and act differently. It has helped us become a data-driven organization."

Michael Pompey - CIO

Miami Dade County

"We actually have a waiting list of DBAs and developers who want Toad on their desktops.They tell me they just can’t function without it."

Sue Camner - Senior Operating Systems Programmer and DBA Manager