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Foglight for PostgreSQL

Rapidly detect, diagnose and resolve performance issues with PostgreSQL monitoring. Your organization turned to PostgreSQL because it’s a cost-effective, stable and scalable database option. However, introducing open source technology into your enterprise database ecosystem can challenge DBAs like you to realize the benefits and cost savings that the platform can provide. 
Foglight for PostgreSQL
Foglight for PostgreSQL ensures the health of your PostgreSQL infrastructure 02:13
What if you could proactively manage the health of your PostgreSQL infrastructure while helping your organization realize the cost efficiency of leveraging open source databases? What if you could do this without sacrificing your ability to monitor and diagnose problems? Foglight® for PostgreSQL addresses these and broader cross platform needs. Make your job easier by monitoring and tuning the performance of your entire PostgreSQL database environment.


Query Insights

Easily narrow the scope of analysis and quickly pinpoint queries causing issues. Find, rank, and sort the highest impact queries that are causing performance problems.

Background Writer monitoring

Prevent database performance problems by monitoring write delays, which can limit the amount of memory in the shared buffer pool.

Function analysis

Analyze the behavior of critical PostgreSQL functions, including call rates, functions with the highest average self-time and functions with the highest average total time.

Table visualization

Quickly visualize all tables for a given database on a single screen, with table health, basic properties and calculated table-level operations. Understand if reads from table indexes are successfully sourced from buffer cache rather than physical disk, and see the percentage of tuples returned from index versus sequential scans.

Intelligent alerting

Avoid false alerts with adaptive Intelli profile thresholds, which ensure alarms are only triggered when baselines are breached. Easily manage and annotate alarms, including scheduling blackouts for maintenance periods.

Easy troubleshooting

Speed problem resolution and discover chronic issues with embedded expert advice and convenient drill-down to granular details.

Enterprise-scale monitoring

Monitor hundreds of PostgreSQL database servers from a single management server.

Low overhead

Execute data collection through remote agents that ensure minimal overhead (no more than 2% CPU) is added to monitored database instances.

High granularity

Ensure high-integrity data collection with frequent collections, or customize collection frequency to meet your business requirements.




Get health, storage and performance-related database information


  • PostgreSQL 9.1 and above
  • EnterpriseDB (EDB) Postgres 9.1 and above
  • Both on-premises and cloud deployments
  • Foglight Management Server (FMS) 5.7.5 or higher



Foglight for PostgreSQL

Proactively manage the health and performance of your PostgreSQL database infrastructure.

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