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NetVault for Oracle

Comprehensive Oracle backup and data recovery. Oracle is a critical part of your organization’s IT infrastructure, yet there are countless opportunities for something to go wrong. Whether the threat comes from user errors, accidental deletion, corrupted files, malware or unplanned outages, you need Oracle backup and data recovery you can count on to reduce risk of system downtime and data. That’s where Quest NetVault comes in. Learn more.

NetVault Plus Oracle Backup

Key benefits

Better protection, faster recovery

Improved regulatory compliance

Reliable data security

Unmatched disaster recovery

Decreased storage requirements and costs

Single solution for all your applications

NetVault Delivers:

Simplify Oracle backup

Simplify Oracle backup

Create backup policies that are flexible enough to account for many Oracle recovery scenarios using Quest NetVault. This cloud-ready data recovery software uses automated workflows, with point-and-click options for tasks such as defining Oracle database backups and scheduling jobs.

NetVault provides:

  • Full database backups while data is online and accessible
  • Protection for single-instance, multi-instance RAC, and Data Guard environments
  • RMAN-based Full, Differential, or Cumulative Incremental Backups while data is online and accessible
  • Support for Oracle Multitenant Architecture with Oracle Database 12c or later
Comprehensive Protection

Comprehensive Protection

NetVault provides granular yet flexible data protection options to safeguard your critical system and data files – down to the datafile level.

NetVault provides:

  • Protection of Parameter, Control File, Archived Redo Log Files, and External Configuration Files
  • Duplicate Oracle database backups to create local or remote duplicate databases
  • Protect datafiles stored in Oracle’s ASM File System or on raw devices
  • Protection of backup recovery files in the Flash Recovery Area (FRA)
Fast recovery to reduce downtime

Fast recovery to reduce downtime

With NetVault, you select what to restore and where to restore it. NetVault lets you validate Oracle database backups and perform trial restores, and provides the following data recovery scenarios:

  • Restore complete databases, individual tablespaces, individual datafiles, or only the corrupted data blocks
  • Restore read-only files when needed
  • Rename of datafiles
  • Point-and-click “complete recovery” and “point-in-time recovery” based on time, SCN, and log sequence number
Secure, scalable and flexible

Secure, scalable and flexible

NetVault helps you address security requirements with built-in encryption. You can protect large Exchange deployments and back up to a wide range of disk, VTL and tape devices on-premises and in the cloud.

  • Protect large Oracle deployments
  • Offers CAST-128, AES-256 and CAST-256 encryption
  • FIPS 140-2 certified
Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

Increasing data protection is more important than ever. Strengthen your Oracle defenses against cyberattacks, natural disasters and unplanned outages with NetVault. Its tight integration with Quest QoreStor, a software-defined secondary storage solution, enables you to replicate Oracle backups to any remote site or public cloud, improving disaster recovery capabilities. NetVault Plus includes QoreStor, delivering everything you need to protect your Oracle data from growing threats.

  • Get up to an 85 percent reduction in replication time
  • Avoid wasting resources on slow and inconsistent WAN connections
Reduced storage and cost

Reduced storage and cost

You can reduce Oracle backup storage requirements and costs significantly through NetVault’s tight integration with Quest QoreStor. Adding this software-defined secondary storage solution to NetVault slashes storage requirements by up to 95 percent. NetVault Plus includes QoreStor, with its source-side content-aware deduplication, to help you achieve impressive cost savings.

  • Save on storage costs, on premises and in the cloud
  • Accelerate data ingestion rates by up to 20 TB per hour
  • Use on premises and in the cloud for increased flexibility

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