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On Demand Migration for Email

Migrate Gmail to Office 365, or move between various other email platforms, with this secure SaaS solution. On Demand Migration for Email enables you to easily migrate user mailbox data from Gmail, Exchange, POP/IMAP, Sun ONE/iPlanet or Zimbra to Office 365, or on-premises or hosted Exchange without installing or maintaining migration software. This flexible product is primarily used as a Gmail migration tool, but whichever source and target you choose, you’ll be empowered to complete your project faster and easier than native software would allow.
On Demand Migration for Email
Migrate to Office 365 without installing software 01:02

When you use On Demand Migration for Email, you’ll have the ability to simultaneously migrate the mailbox data of multiple users from a single console while securely moving email, calendars and folders. When moving between source and target, such as switching from Gmail to Office 365, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly filter out unwanted data to reduce migration timelines
  • Prevent data loss with automated preservation of large attachments
  • Monitor migration progress with progress reports throughout to ensure the security of your data

See for yourself how fast email migrations can be when you use this easy-to-use tool to migrate Gmail to Office 365, or move on-premises mailboxes to the cloud, or even the reverse – moving Office 365 data back to on-premises Exchange environments (a common scenario for executives or IT admins). Whatever you need, this powerful solution has you covered.


ZeroIMPACT, multi-threaded migrations

Users retain mailbox access throughout the entire migration, ensuring zero disruption to daily tasks. The SaaS architecture negates the need for installing and maintaining additional software, and you can run multiple migrations simultaneously to ensure project timelines are met.

Label conversion

Ensure complete migration accuracy by migrating labels as categories or folders while maintaining their current structure.


Re-migrate data without creating duplicates using a phased migration approach.

Secure assure

Ensure the security of your organization’s proprietary and confidential data throughout the migration process. On Demand Migration for Email is included in the scope of the Platform Management ISO/IEC 27001, 27017 and 27018 certification.

Live logging

Monitor the progress of the migration including current status and items that may warrant further investigation.

Intuitive management

Get consolidated access and control with real-time status updates of the entire migration.

Data filtering

Migrate only what you want through the ability to filter calendar and email events by age or source folder name.

Cloud-based forwarding

Receive automated mail routing updates in some scenarios to streamline the transition processes.

Personal archive migration

Support personal archives on the source and target environments to preserve critical information and provide flexibility in managing historical content.


On Demand Migration for Email dashboard
Discovery of source and target
Consolidate Office 365 tenants
Concurrent migration dashboard
Migrate gmail to office 365 with this gmail migration tool

On Demand Migration for Email dashboard

Quickly access Azure AD and Office 365 migration projects from this simple interface.

ISO certifications

ISO certifications
Quest On Demand Migration for Email is included in the scope of the Platform Management ISO/IEC 27001, 27017 and 27018 certification.


Supported platforms
  • Source: Exchange, Gmail, POP/IMAP, Office 365, Zimbra, Sun ONE/iPlanet
  • Target: Office 365 (Exchange Online), On-premises Exchange, Hosted Exchange, GCC / GCC High

Whether you need to migrate Gmail to Office 365, or between the other platforms listed above, this powerful tool is all you need. For more specific version details, please see product documentation.


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