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Making Veeam Backup Better with QoreStor

Quest® QoreStor® supports Veeam v12 direct to object backups to gain backup immutability in object storage on-prem and in the cloud. QoreStor will accelerate your Veeam® backup and recovery while reducing backup storage more than 90%. Even if you use Veeam deduplication, you can get another 46% more storage reduction. Read the ESG test report.

VeeamON Video: Making Veeam Better with QoreStor 07:07

VeeamON Video: Making Veeam Better with QoreStor


QoreStor software-defined secondary storage platform has been qualified and tested with Veeam Backup & Replication™ and has been verified as a Veeam Ready Repository.

With QoreStor, you also gain cloud tiering and resilient replication technology to leverage the cloud for long-term data retention and disaster recovery. Moving data to cloud could not be simpler, QoreStor's Cloud Tier provides seamless, secure and optimized data movement to and from cloud.

QoreStor can be run on virtually any storage hardware, virtualization platform and cloud provider.

Making Veeam v12 Backup to Object Even Better 01:02

Direct to Object Backup

Making Veeam direct to object backup better


  • Veeam Ready

    iconiconTested with Veeam Backup & Replication v9.5 Update 3a, v10, v11 and v12.
  • Veeam Direct-to-Object Backup support

    WIth QoreStor, you can de-duplicate, compress, encrypt and lock Veeam object-based backup data for ransomware protection and recovery.
  • Backup Acceleration

    Built-in protocol accelerators increase data ingest by up to 20 terabytes per hour to speed Veeam backup completion by more than 50%, address ever-shortening backup windows and lower risk.
  • Unique Deduplication

    Global variable-block deduplication with built-in compression and encryption that can deliver more than 90% storage savings. Further reduce backup storage, even when using Veeam deduplication.
  • Remote Replication

    Reduce replication windows by 10-15x, and lower network bandwidth requirements by 85%.
  • Secure Connect

    Ensure backups and replication complete, despite slow and unreliable WAN connections.
  • Cloud Tier

    Move and recover data from cloud storage quickly and easily with this policy-driven, seamless cloud extension.
  • Performance Tier

    Recover instantly without having to compromise on deduplication, with this high-speed storage group.
  • Archive Tier

    Address long-term data retention needs by sending backup data to low-cost ‘cold’ cloud storage, such as AWS Glacier and Azure Archive.
  • Object Direct

    Reduces backup storage costs by allowing the use of low-cost object storage (on-premises and in the cloud)for the main backup data repository.
  • Hardware and Software Agnostic

    Gain flexibility by using virtually any server and storage hardware, backup software or cloud provider.

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