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Virtual Server Backup — ZeroIMPACT Recovery

Improve business continuity for less by protecting your physical and virtual environments with Rapid Recovery software.

Enjoy agentless backup and recovery for Microsoft Exchange and SQL databases residing on your virtual machines.

How it works:

Universal Recovery

Virtual Server Backup

Rapid Recovery lets you recover whole physical machines, VMs, files or folders, and application objects to another physical or virtual machine located anywhere. You can restore servers, whole physical machines, VMware, Hyper-V, and Oracle VirtualBox VMs, files or folders, and application objects in minutes. Restore cross-platform, P2V, V2V, V2P, or P2P—even move from hypervisor to hypervisor. 
Virtual Standby
Use virtualization as an integral part of your disaster recovery and backup plan. The Rapid Recovery Virtual Standby capability lets you automatically replicate recovery points from a primary server to a virtual machine that you can activate if there’s an issue with the primary server. Your Virtual Standby VM can be anywhere—local, at a remote site, or even in the cloud.
Rapid Recovery is licensed per host. You get fast virtual server backups, compression, deduplication, application validation, replication, live restores, and the ability to create virtual standby machines, all from a centralized console. On virtual machines, there are no additional costs per agent, per VM, per GB, or per application. One price per host – unlimited guests, storage, and applications.



Rapid Recovery
Rapid Recovery

ZeroIMPACT recovery – anything to anywhere – physical, virtual and in the cloud.

Overview of the dashboard in Rapid Recovery

This video provides an overview of the dashboard in Rapid Recovery. The new dashboard in Rapid Recovery is customizable and provides easy drag-and-drop features with clickable links to action items.

Learn more about Rapid Recovery and how it will optimize your users’ application experience and simplify backup and recovery. Whether it's backing up MS Exchange Server, virtual machine backups, cloud data protection, SQL Server backups or physical server backups, Rapid Recovery provides the data protection you can rely on.

Technical Brief

Virtual Standby in the Real World with Rapid Recovery
Virtual Standby in the Real World with Rapid Recovery

Learn how IT professionals can plan, document, implement and test virtual standby machines so that they have a bulletproof disaster recovery plan.

Be a C-suite hero with these 5 key virtual + physical data protection takeaways.
Be a C-suite hero with these 5 key virtual + physical data protection takeaways.

Our eBook, Think Like a CIO: 5 Key Virtual + Physical Data Protection Takeaways, helps you be prepared for these challenges.