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Cloud Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

A feature of Rapid Recovery

Take advantage of the pay-as-you-grow convenience of public cloud by using Rapid Recovery to implement cloud-based data protection and cloud disaster recovery. Rapid Recovery features point-and-click cloud connectivity, with easy replication of your critical application backups. Extend your backups for longer-term retention to comply with industry or government requirements. Move your archiving off site to a public cloud and save on CAPEX and OPEX associated with storing and maintaining archive data on premises. Rapid Recovery even offers easy bare metal restore (BMR) and file-level restore (FLR) from cloud-based archives.

How it works:

Data Protection Rapid Recovery

Cloud Connector
User-friendly access manager lets you connect with public clouds for easy archiving and replication. Supported public clouds include Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, RackSpace and OpenStack.
Rapid Recovery offers easy, configurable replication of your backups to one or more target Rapid Recovery Cores anywhere — on premises, remote, or in public or private clouds. Cloud-based replication is an excellent strategy to protect your critical applications and data from outages and attacks.
File Level Recovery
Recovery of files or folders from a cloud archive is no longer a time-consuming operation. Simply mount the archive directly from the cloud on the Core. Rapid Recovery enables file-level recovery from cloud, network or local archives.
Bare Metal Restore
To perform a bare-metal restore directly from a cloud archive, boot any protected machine with the Rapid Recovery boot media. A simple wizard connects you to your cloud provider, allowing you to select your cloud archive with the desired recovery points as the source.


Overview of the dashboard in Rapid Recovery

This video provides an overview of the dashboard in Rapid Recovery.


Making Hybrid Cloud Replication Work for You
Making Hybrid Cloud Replication Work for You

Effectively protect your systems, applications, and data by backing up on premises and replicating the backups to the public cloud using Rapid Recovery and the Microsoft Azure public cloud. This e-book explains how.

Replicate backups to Microsoft Azure with Rapid Recovery

Modernize your data protection strategy by using Data Protection | Rapid Recovery to replicate backed-up data to the Microsoft Azure cloud for extended retention of snapshot backups and cloud archiving. Learn about <a href="">Rapid Recovery software</a>&nbsp;and <a href="">replicating Rapid Recovery backups to the cloud</a>&nbsp;&ndash; try it in Azure.