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Microsoft SharePoint Server Backup and Recovery

Get near-continuous data protection with instant recovery.
Microsoft SharePoint Server Backup and Recovery

How Rapid Recovery Works

Quest Rapid Recovery uses block-level snapshot backup technology to protect your Microsoft SharePoint environment. You can take snapshots as often as every five minutes to help reduce risk of data loss.

Rapid Recovery provides fast recovery time for SharePoint, whether you are looking to restore an individual object, a complete server, or even an entire server farm.

Because a SharePoint farm includes multiple servers and databases, and because the SharePoint front-end web server is typically a machine protected on a Rapid Recovery core, recovery for an entire SharePoint farm would typically happen from the recovery point.

Introducing DocRetriever

To quickly restore a single SharePoint object, the Rapid Recovery DocRetriever for SharePoint feature lets you recover and restore Microsoft SharePoint objects from the site collection level down to the component level.

DocRetriever enables you to browse all the documents and objects within a SharePoint farm, site, and site hierarchy directly (with intact permissions) from a Rapid Recovery recovery point.

You can also use other recovery sources, including a SharePoint content database, SharePoint farm, native Microsoft SQL Server backup, native SharePoint backup, or native SharePoint differential backup.

How DocRetriever works

When you restore SharePoint data, all permissions and metadata are preserved. In addition, DocRetriever audits and logs all operations to easily identify the objects that were added or modified. DocRetriever performs all restore operations through the supported SharePoint APIs for compliance.

You have a number of options when restoring SharePoint data with DocRetriever:

Restore in place
You can restore items to their original locations in the production SharePoint server environment.

Restore to another location
You can restore objects to any other location within the live SharePoint server.

Restore to a system
You can restore items without rebuilding the entire production database or using a SharePoint recovery farm. You can also restore objects to a file system.


You may need to restore an entire SharePoint server or farm. You may want to restore a single document that has been inadvertently deleted. You may need to restore dozens of documents used by a specific employee, in response to a legal request supporting a claim or lawsuit. Or you may have experienced a data loss and need to restore order information or transactions since the last backup.

Regardless of the scope of data you need to recover, Rapid Recovery, along with DocRetriever, are powerful tools to aid your enterprise with fast, easy system and data recovery.

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