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SharePlex for Oracle on AWS

Make the Switch from On-Premises to AWS Cloud with SharePlex. Nearly every organization today has one or more cloud initiatives either planned or in progress, but many are still not prepared for the daunting task of migrating their data. This lack of preparation increases the risk of data loss and downtime, and could lead to a disastrous experience for customers.

Whether you are migrating on-premises Oracle databases to AWS, moving data between cloud databases, or maintaining multiple active databases in a hybrid environment, you need reliable data replication and synchronization to make it all work.

SharePlex accurately replicates data across multiple databases, both on-premises and in the cloud, to virtually eliminate the risk of data loss and downtime during a migration. It also enables seamless failover across sites, ensuring high availability and facilitating disaster recovery with roll forward and roll back capabilities.

Key benefits

Avoid vendor lock in

SharePlex for Oracle in AWS offers flexibility without locking you in to database vendor middleware

Unrivaled support

SharePlex comes with highly-rated 24x7x365 support that has earned multiple industry awards

Increase overall efficiency

Free up your workforce and lower costs by reducing network strain from an overload of on-premises data

How it works

Fast, reliable cloud migration

Fast, reliable cloud migration

AWS offers you the ability to leverage the cloud to decrease IT costs and scale key workloads. SharePlex for Oracle on AWS supports your organization’s journey to the cloud with fast, reliable cloud migrations. SharePlex can be installed and run on AWS as an AMI, so there is no footprint required to run in the cloud or on-premises. And, SharePlex installed on your on-premises database can be used for near-real time migrations to your cloud database on AWS with no impact to users.
Replicating to and from the cloud

Replicating to and from the cloud

With SharePlex for Oracle on AWS it’s easy to replicate your on-premises Oracle database to the AWS database while allowing your daily operational processes to continue uninterrupted. Then, to ensure data integrity, you can replicate back from the cloud to your on-premises data warehouse with no downtime and no data loss.
Multiple deployment options

Multiple deployment options

You can deploy SharePlex on-premises or in the cloud for data replication and synchronization across multiple database instances in different locations and across regions. No matter which option you select, SharePlex moves your data with zero loss and zero downtime.



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In my experience, SharePlex is fast, flexible, easy to install and configure, and easy to maintain. From my perspective, the conversion … to SharePlex was amazingly simple and went very well.

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