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Space Manager with LiveReorg

Database capacity optimization for Oracle databases. Easily reorganize Oracle data, optimize I/O performance and maximize database capacity. Space Manager with LiveReorg helps prevent application and database downtime by performing online Oracle reorganizations to reclaim space. Resolve performance issues due to fragmentation when archiving Oracle data with the Oracle partitioning tool. It’s especially useful for business-critical ERP applications — such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel and SAP — where high-transaction volumes require you to routinely archive data.
Space Manager with LiveReorg


Oracle reorg and space reclamation

Eliminate the need to buy additional disk space. Reorganize data to reclaim wasted space and optimize your database capacity and performance on archived tables. Prevent application and database downtime by performing online reorganizations.

Database capacity optimization

Estimate future storage needs based on detailed trend charts showing historical growth rates, as well as hypothetical what-if scenarios. Quickly determine where to utilize space more efficiently with alerts on emerging issues, such as limited free space or space reclamation opportunities.

Oracle partitioning

Minimize downtime by partitioning objects live with a built-in partitioning wizard while users and applications remain online. Confirm there’s sufficient space available to ensure reorg success with multiple, automatic space-check audits. Partition, repartition and remove/add/modify partitions to determine the best fit for data access.


View by segment type
View by reorg need
See tablespaces for multiple databases
See tablespace segment lists and stats
Navigate with ease
Generate comprehensive reports
Visualize largest tablespace segments
Monitor reorg script execution
View by segment type

View by segment type

Pinpoint blocking extents, find reorg candidates and launch the reorg manager from the datafile map.


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