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Stat for PeopleSoft

Automate IT change management to support DevOps and achieve compliance. You’re under increasing pressure to deploy application changes faster than ever. But manually managing and reporting on changes is tedious and inefficient. It also increases risk and makes it harder to comply with regulations. What if you could automate IT change management? With the right change management tools, you’ll save time, strengthen compliance and support your DevOps initiatives.

Stat for PeopleSoft
With Stat® for PeopleSoft, you can streamline and automate IT change management from end to end, eliminating roadblocks to faster release cycles. This change management tool makes it easy to quickly deploy patches and platform upgrades without overwriting customizations. You can also deploy file objects 15 times faster than with Change Assistant, manage proprietary object versions and files, bundle PeopleSoft and file objects in the same request and use Stat with your existing version control software. Achieve your compliance and DevOps goals, while gaining more time for innovation, with Stat for PeopleSoft.

Key Benefits

Change automation

Automate patches, setups, workflows, approvals and more to maximize your investment in PeopleSoft software.

DevOps support

Save time, reduce risk, speed issue resolution and improve change management.

Simplified compliance

Enforce roles and separation of duties, track changes and accelerate audit reporting.


Reduction in Audit Time


Reduction in Migration Time


Improvement in SLA Attainment


Off-hours code migrations

Avoid business interruption by scheduling code migrations after hours, without manual intervention.

Support for third-party version control software

Archive and migrate objects from SVN, CVS and PVCS.

Custom reports

Customize reports with unique requirements, such as global parameter definitions, additional fields from SQL queries and style preferences.

Pre- and post-migration steps on distributed environments

Determine and complete both pre- and post-migration steps on distributed databases from the window that comes up after a migration.

Pre- and post-migration steps on mass migrations

Quickly complete the steps directly from the mass migration wizard, instead of opening each CSR.

Pre- and post-migration steps for custom commands

Use automation to quickly complete steps and run custom commands with business rules.

Dev tools integration

Take advantage of REST Web Services API for third-party applications.

Customized migration order

Determine the migration order in the mass migration wizard for automatic CSR moves.

Automated patching

Avoid manual errors and concentrate on more critical activities by automating and enforcing predetermined and optimized change processes.

Impact analysis

Simplify testing with in-depth analysis of change impact on instances. Understand the influence object modifications and patches have on other objects as they migrate through the change management process.

Software version control and rollback

Archive any combination of objects/files in each version as you capture an unlimited amount of interim application versions or “snapshots.” Use selective retrieval and rollback by object/file.

Workflow for project and process management

Centrally manage and maintain control over a variety of activities (through the Stat client for the web or for Windows). Monitor all issues, automate change processes, organize tasks by project, assign status requirements and deliver automated approval authorization.

Regulatory compliance management

Lock out and audit unauthorized application changes to ensure compliance. Enforce change policies by workflow, role-based security rights and audits of any changes to the underlying business logic. Get compliance-related reports that help you achieve compliance objectives.

Support for PeopleSoft Unicode databases

Support the locking, archiving and migration of all PeopleSoft Unicode data.

Indiana Office of Technology

Stat was a good choice because it put approval systems into place and does a good job of communicating what’s going on. We didn’t have an official process before, and now that’s all locked down.

Jeff Chaney Deputy IT Director, Indiana Office of Technology Read Case Study


With Stat, the ability to report and confirm to outside auditors that we are following process is immeasurable. You can’t quantify the ability to comply – it’s like trying to quantify the ability to stay in business.

Randy Harless Vice President and CIO, Edgen

Choice Hotels

Implementing changes was completely manual, cumbersome and time-consuming. With Stat, the entire process is now automated and reliable.

Scott Williams Director of Corporation Applications, Choice Hotels Read Case Study


PeopleSoft and flat file objects
Rollback and restore
Complete change management
Migration history


Enforce custom business rules via workflows.



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