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Say goodbye to manually re-creating functional setup objects. Migrating setup objects is easier than ever with Extended Object Support for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Now, you can create (or recreate) and migrate setup objects between instances when it’s convenient for you and eliminate the arduous process of manually re-creating them. With Stat, you no longer have to figure out how to move objects from development to QA. Stat’s object versioning and migration capabilities, allow other areas of your organization, including supply chain, HR and finance,  to have access to the most commonly used and customized setup object libraries.  And, these libraries are just the first in a list of other libraries to become available.

If you need support for objects that aren’t listed in our libraries, let us know and we’ll scope out what we’d need to do to:

  • Create a new library
  • Add the objects to an existing library

 With Extended Object Support, you can recreate setup objects in less time and at a fraction of the cost of manual object recreation, significantly improving your productivity, reducing your  time to value and increasing your overall ROI.

Return on Investments:

Let’s do a simple ROI calculation on Item Templates:
  • Time to configure 1 Item Template (IT) = 15 Mins
  • Average # of Templates per Org (O). = 10
  • Average # of Orgs per midsize site = 10
  • Average # of Environments (E) per midsize site = 4
  • Mean consultant rate per hour (RPH) = $130
Formula without Stat:
  • 15M x 10IT = 150 Mins (M) or 2.5 Hours (H) in Development
  • 2.5H x 10O = 25 Hours to configure Item Templates for 10 Orgs in one Environment
  • 25H x 4E = 100 Hours to configure Item Templates across 10 Orgs in 4 different Environments
  • 100H x $130(RPH) = $13,000.00 to configure Item Templates without Stat

Cost to create and migrate 10 Item Templates for 10 Orgs across 4 Environments = approximately $13,000.00

Formula with Stat:
  • 15M x 10 = 150 Mins or 2.5 Hours to configure 10 Item Templates for one Org
  • 2.5H x 10 = 25 hours to configure Item Templates for 10 Orgs in one Environment
  • Archive 100 Item Templates in Stat = 10M
  • Migrate 100 Template Items in Stat/environment = 10M
  • 10M x 4E = 40 Mins
  • 25H x $130 (RPH) = $3250
  • 10M + (10M x 3E) x $130 = $86 (approx)
  • Total cost with Stat = $3336.00

$13,000 - $3336.00 = $9,664.00 savings or a 74.3% savings with Stat

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