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Toad Edge® for Postgres

Your next-gen toolset for open source relational database environments. If your organization is one of the many that is transitioning into the world of cost-effective, flexible, open source relational database platforms, then you know you need a database toolset that supports this commitment. Toad Edge for Postgres shortens the learning curve so you can ramp up on Postgres quickly, ensuring faster time to value when moving from traditional proprietary RDBMS.
Toad Edge for PostgreSQL

How it works:

Reduced learning curve for quicker time to value
The familiar, easy-to-use Toad interface shortens your learning curve, making it easy to manage and edit database objects for quicker time to value. It also helps you effectively manage user privileges to reduce risk.

Save time. Automate processes.
Spend less time and effort developing, managing and maintaining your database environment with simplified, automated processes and reduced the risk that are often associated with database changes. Use the SQL Worksheet Content Assist to develop complex code faster. Quickly import and export data to tables. View queries in real time and copy the log or export the executed SQL script to a file with the SQL Query Monitor saving a ton of time.

Ease change management challenges with schema compare and sync
You can compare and sync schemas, generate change scripts for target and source databases, save results and export scripts to a SQL Worksheet. You can also perform compare and sync via Database Snapshot to reduce the risk of manual errors.

Greater choice with OS and database flexibility
You have more flexibility because Toad Edge is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. And it supports a wide range of open source database platforms both on premises and in the cloud including PostgreSQL, Enterprise DB Advanced Server, Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL 9.5 and Microsoft Azure PostgreSQL 10.1.

Unrivaled support, 24x7x365
You choose. Talk to a Toad expert or take advantage of convenient self-help tools to solve problems quickly and independently 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


As one of the industry-leading admin tools for PostgreSQL, Toad Edge provides developers and database administrators with a wide array of features. Manipulate, manage and visualize your data for all PostgreSQL deployments with the following:

Cloud and On-premises Deployed PostgreSQL Support:

PostgreSQL 9.5, 9.6, 10, EnterpriseDB Postgres Advanced Server (9.6, 10), Amazon Aurora 9.5 and Azure PostgreSQL 10.1.

Schema Compare:

Compare objects from different schemas or PostgreSQL databases, change scripts and generate an HTML report.


Create script sources by storing database structures as JSON files.

SQL Worksheet:

Use helpful features for writing SQL, such as Content Assist for suggesting keywords and templates, Outline Views for browsing object details and more.

Object Search:

Search for objects located on the database through multiple values, simple texts, wildcards or regular expressions.

Object Explorer:

Enables PostgreSQL admins and developers to easily interact with the objects on the database through an intuitive graphical user interface.