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How much money can you save with QoreStor deduplication?

This deduplication calculator will show you! Simply enter your data backup size and expected annual growth rate, and you'll see how much backup storage and money you'll save with Quest QoreStor, a 100% software-defined deduplication solution that works with virtually any server, storage and backup software.

Projections are based on an annual backup strategy with: daily incremental backups for two weeks with 10% rate of change, weekly full backups for 12 weeks and nine monthly full backups.

Your data protection environment

Select your data backup size (TB)


Select your expected annual data growth rate (%)


Select your storage cost per TB ($)


First year total estimated savings

Storage results

2 weeks of daily incremental backups with 10% rate of weekly changeTB
12 weekly full backups +9 monthly full backups (12 months of data)TB
Data GrowthTB

Storage savings with QoreStor over three years

  • $0.00
  • $0.00
  • $0.00

Note: This tool is for informational purposes only and actual results may vary.

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