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InTrust ROI calculator

Filtering events forwarded to SIEM with InTrust

Too many organizations limit the log data they collect because they can’t afford to process everything to their SIEM. This decision leaves them unable to properly detect and investigate security incidents. However, you don’t have to send every log you collect to your SIEM. Instead, you can use a dedicated event log management tool like InTrust together with your SIEM.

With InTrust’s predictable per-user license model, you can collect and store as much data as you need for as long as you want. Then use pre-built filters to forward only high-value security data to your SIEM for real-time analytics. This integration helps you slash SIEM licensing costs, minimize event noise and improve threat hunting efficiency.

How Much Data Are You Sending to SIEM?

Try this ROI calculator to see how much money you can save your organization.

Event TypeSend?
Basic (System, Security, Application)11
AD infrastructure logs4
PowerShell commands audit10
Additional security logs (WMI, Firewall, Scheduler, Defender) 15
Sysmon optimized (or Process Audit Logs)20
Sysmon all events (or File and Registry Audit Logs)400

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