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Use Self-service Analytics to Build Strong Data Teams Across your Business

These days, data makes the business world go ‘round. Companies of all types are looking for ways to tap into the vast resources of raw data generated by their marketing and sales efforts, customer engagement, back-end operations, and more. If you want your business to be truly data-driven, you’ve got to strategically synthesize and analyze all of this data to turn it into actionable business intelligence.

This tech brief explains the difference between a full-service analytics model and a self-service analytics model, making the case for self-service as a way to eliminate analytic silos and data bottlenecks using Toad Data Point and Toad Intelligence Central. You’ll discover how the Toad solution helps create strong data teams:

  • Non-technical business users can connect to nearly any data source.
  • Users can standardize best analytics practices using a collaborative platform.
  • Data teams can publish workflows and share information.
  • Analysts can present fully prepped data to the rest of the business.