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Speed migration to Databricks, model and govern lakehouse data structures with Quest


Quest and Databricks

Model and visualize Databricks Lakehouse data structures with erwin Data Modeler by Quest to fast-track Databricks migrations. Use erwin Data Intelligence by Quest data lineage, data cataloging and governance capabilities to fully see and understand the data across your organization’s entire landscape to guide migration efforts and fuel data discovery and governance.

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Databricks enables analytics processing of large-scale data using Apache Spark, Delta, and MLflow

  • Best-in-class support from the original creators of Spark
  • 10-100x faster than open-source Spark when using Databricks as ETL engine
  • Lowest TCO through auto-scaling and auto-configuration capabilities
  • Delta Lake provides the ability to specify your schema and enforce it, making it ready for analytics at petabyte scale

erwin Data Modeler by Quest: Automating data modeling to more accurately prepare for data migration to the Lakehouse. Companies struggle with replicating and consolidating legacy data models into the Delta Lake. It is manual, not a simple lift and shift. It is labor-intensive and prone to execution failure. With erwin Data Modeler:

  • Companies save time, resources and reduce risk to migrate because they have well-architected and governed data structures using trusted, industry leading software
  • Ensure the value of data in the Lakehouse by replicating data models used in existing platforms to Databricks for improved accuracy/quality
  • Accelerate migration of data to the Lakehouse for faster time to value


erwin Data Intelligence by Quest: Automated data harvesting to feed an integrated data catalog, glossary and data lineage across on-premises, cloud, data transformation and data consumption layers. Companies struggle with understanding what data they have, which applications are using it, who has access and what it represents. Complex and decentralized data landscapes make it difficult to have a single version of truth for data. erwin Data Intelligence enables you to:

  • Make better business decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data assets
  • Reduce compliance risk by having accurate and timely information about data lineage and usage
  • Empower data engineers and other IT stakeholders with greater data visibility, automation, impact analysis, data profiling and more
  • Facilitate self-service data visibility and governance capabilities to maximize productivity
  • Connect to any data environment and accelerate data collection and documentation using AI/ML
  • Allow you to build and govern your data marketplace


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