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Database Administrator

Conquer your toughest database management challenges with efficient DBA software solutions

Gain more efficiency and control of your world with Toad — the industry’s most trusted DBA software solution, used by millions of database professionals. Master daily administration tasks, diagnose and resolve performance bottlenecks, and manage database changes with ease. Toad Database Administrator will help you get the job done faster so you’ll be ready for whatever comes next.

Database administration

Database administration

Maximize productivity so you can focus on the big picture with our comprehensive database management system. Simplify your work and automate complex, repetitive and routine tasks – including management of users, roles, infrastructure and utilities. Get a unified, comprehensive view of your databases with dashboards and health check reports.

Performance tuning

Performance tuning

Quickly pinpoint and resolve system, database and application performance issues and proactively avoid future occurrences. Easily scan for problematic SQL statements, automatically rewrite and test alternatives to improve application performance.


Change management

Reduce the risk associated with database changes. Predict and understand the impact of changes before deployment to avoid costly downtime. Stress test your environment to ensure successful database migrations and upgrades without risk to the business.



Cut project delivery times by nearly half while minimizing downtime risks. Share scripts, knowledge and best practices with other DBAs and development teams to improve workflow and quality.