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Banish Bad Code with Toad® for Oracle Pro and Xpert Editions

On Demand
  • Recorded Date:Aug. 6, 2020
  • Event:On Demand

Poorly-written SQL queries and PLSQL code can bring an Oracle database to its electronic knees – and it’s not a pretty sight. Database professionals spend a lot of time mitigating the effects of bad code on performance, and Toad® is one of the most powerful tools available to get this done. 

Depending on whether you have the Professional or Xpert edition of Toad, there are different features available that you can leverage in your ongoing efforts to address poor code. 

In this session of Ask Toad, Mathew Phan, Software Sales Engineer, will showcase these two editions of Toad for Oracle and how features like static code reviews, sensitive data awareness and SQL optimization address the issues and data governance risks that arise from bad coding practices. 

In Toad Professional, you’ll learn about:

  • Code Analysis
  • Generate Test Data
  • Sensitive Data Awareness

In Toad Xpert, Mathew will cover:

  • SQL Optimization
  • Auto Optimizer
  • Advanced Optimizer

Join us to learn how these features will keep your Oracle databases standing 24x7.