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Best Practices for Managing your Windows User Environment from one Central Location

Best Practices for Managing your Windows User Environment from one Central Location
On Demand
  • Recorded Date:Feb. 15, 2018
  • Event:On Demand
Best Practices for Managing your Windows User Environment from one Central Location

Today’s IT users are demanding more flexibility in IT operations, but administrators must still maintain a secure and consistent user environment. They can no longer rely on the traditional model of managing only the machine; each user needs to be granted the right access to the right resources regardless of the device used. When users change roles within the company, their Windows environment may have to change too. This means that even small businesses must deal with hundreds of user environments. In addition, administrators must control privileges appropriately, ensuring they can run without full local administrator access. And all of this often includes using multiple tools with many manual processes.

In this live webcast, discover how to proactively provision and manage the Windows user environment without any scripting or handling confusing GPO sequences. We’ll explore how you can easily create a secure, consistent environment for each user; automatically package and test applications consistently; and ensure that applications run with only the privileges and access needed.

What you will learn

  • Target, configure and manage a secure user environment easily, no matter where users are or whether they use physical or virtual desktops.
  • Ensure that users and applications have only the privileges they need with comprehensive tracking and reporting.
  • Customise user configurations without logon scripts.
  • Quickly and accurately respond to changes and customise the complete configuration of your users or departments with just a few mouse clicks using the Validation Logic.
  • Ensure visibility at any time on which settings are turned on.
  • Enable users to customise their computers the way they want within the limits you specify.
  • Discover applications that require elevated privileges and access and selectively provide what they need without granting full local admin access.
  • Reduce service requests.


Timo Weberskirch / Dr. Markus Morawietz

Dr. Markus Morawietz, Managing Partner from one of the leading consulting companies for implementing Desktop Authority without any business interruption.

Timo Weberskirch, Software Engineer, Quest.