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On-demand Webcast: The new normal and the road to enlightenment

On Demand
  • Recorded Date:Jul. 16, 2020
  • Event:On Demand

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a new normal in which personal and work frontiers collide, cats and dogs live together, and employees take conference calls from their living room. The corporate world is meeting new challenges. More employees are working from home and facing new technical challenges. Now more than ever, it’s critical for organisations and end users to adapt to the new normal while mitigating the risks inherent in a larger remote workforce.

In this on-demand webcast, Quest Principal Technology Strategist Colin Truran, and subject matter experts Alistair Holmes and Bert Skorupski examine how we got to the new normal, how different organisations reacted, the technical challenges faced by end users and how Quest solutions can help you navigate the road to enlightenment.   

What you will learn

Watch on-demand to learn about:

  • The human angle and how challenges, concerns and worries affected how we responded
  • Threats in the new normal and how to can fend them off
  • The hidden benefits of putting the appropriate security measures in place
  • What can we do to redress the balance and take back control


Colin Truran - Technology Strategist, Quest
Alistair Holmes - Principle Solutions Architect, Quest
Bert Skorupski - Manager Sales Engineering, Quest