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Protecting Sensitive Data in an M&A World

On Demand
  • Recorded Date:Apr. 25, 2019
  • Event:On Demand

Mergers and acquisitions require careful moderation of data security, as you’ll need to understand where your sensitive data resides, who can access it, who is using it and what’s being done to it. When you consider the acquisition, merging, and spinning off of companies that comes with M&As, it becomes even more vital to protect your sensitive data during the varying states of operation.

So how do you ensure the safety and avoid jeopardizing your data security?

Watch this on-demand webcast to hear from Microsoft Cloud & Data Center MVP Nick Cavalancia, and Dave Barnett, Product Manager from Quest, as they discuss:

  • How Mergers and Acquisitions Impact Data Security
  • Where is all the data you should be protecting?
  • Simplifying the work of protecting data before, during, and after M&A


  • Nick Cavalancia - Microsoft Cloud & Data Center MVP
  • Dave Barnett - Product Manager