Single Sign-on is closer than you may think

Single Sign-on is closer than you may think
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  • Recorded Date:Sept 17, 2009
  • Event:On Demand
Single Sign-on is closer than you may think

Watch Randy Franklin Smith’s webcast and learn how single sign-on (the "holy grail" of computing) is actually much closer than many believe.

Imagine the operational and security gains that can be achieved by empowering users with a single, secure login that provides access to the multiple, disparate systems and applications they must use every day. But as not all systems can participate fully in integration with Active Directory, a blended approach to single sign-on ensures that EVERY resource achieves the best possible type of single sign-on.

Randy Franklin Smith will show how you can achieve single sign-on through:

  • Extending Active Directory's Kerberos authentication and single sign-on to Unix, Linux, Java, Mac, and a high number of applications
  • Implementing Active Directory based login automation (or enterprise single sign-on) for those systems that cannot fully integrate with AD
  • Synchronize passwords from Active Directory to non-Windows platforms and applications

Increase efficiency, improve security, and achieve compliance based on your existing investments through Active Directory-based single sign-on.

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