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3 Ways a Bad Actor Can Hose AD During the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 phishing and malware campaigns are on the rise. Bad actors are out there looking to target companies and employees – both distracted and vulnerable during the global pandemic. Their goal is to compromise an Active Directory account.

In a Windows environment, it’s fairly easy for an attacker with stolen privileged credentials to wreak havoc on your Windows environment because everything relies on Active Directory (AD). If Active Directory is down, your entire network is down — even if there’s nothing wrong with any of your servers and applications.

How easy is it? This e-book shows just three of the many ways a privileged user account can take down your AD, and with it, the rest of your network, including:

  • Deny logon rights
  • Take down DNS
  • Exploit a vulnerability in the operating system

Then we discuss eight critical AD security best practices that can help you reduce this risk and improve your ability to recover if the worst does come to pass during this global crisis.