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Auditing Privileged Operations and Mailbox Access in Office 365

Email remains one of the most heavily used communication mediums in organizations today. With as much as 75 percent of your organization’s intellectual property stored in email, Microsoft Exchange is a treasure trove of your most valuable secrets — just waiting for inappropriate access.

Regulatory bodies realize this; therefore, email and compliance go hand in hand. So IT needs to keep a watchful eye on exactly who is accessing what within Exchange Online. The challenge isn’t configuring event auditing; the challenge is finding the event or events that are pertinent to the auditing query in question.

In this white paper, security expert Randy Franklin Smith explores the steps needed to protect and audit this Exchange Online data within Office 365. See how to review critical information about this data and other difficult auditing questions, including how to:

  • Enable and configure audits in Office 365
  • Audit admin operations
  • Audit via PowerShell
  • And much more