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Azure Active Directory and Office 365 Security — Don’t Let Your On-Premises AD Be Your Achilles' Heel

Seventy percent of Fortune 500 companies purchased Office 365 in a recent 12-month window. Microsoft calls Office 365 its fastest-growing commercial product ever.

As adoption grows, organizations must find solutions to take control of their hybrid AD infrastructure and improve their Office 365 security posture.

On-premises Active Directory (AD) still plays the main role in being the authoritative source for authentication and authorization requests to Office 365. System administrators in the vast majority of organizations use one-way Azure AD synchronization in this hybrid directory environment: They synchronize their authoritative, on-premises AD users, groups, attributes and passwords up to the cloud for authentication and authorization to Azure AD and Office 365. That means if on-premises AD isn’t secure, Azure and Office 365 won’t be either.

In this white paper, we explore a best-practices methodology for governing your hybrid environment. Examine detailed explanations and checklists for:

  • Improving your hybrid directory security posture
  • Keeping your on-premises AD from becoming the Achilles’ heel of your Azure AD and Office 365 security
  • Overcoming data breaches in your hybrid environment
  • Understanding which user has access to what resources