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Plugging the Gaps Azure AD Connect Leaves in Your Cloud Disaster Recovery Strategy

As your organization has expanded to the cloud, you’ve surely become painfully aware that it’s practically impossible to run Office 365 or Azure Active Directory (AD) without creating some cloud-only objects, such as Office 365 groups or Azure B2C user accounts.

And since Azure AD Connect synchronization is, in most cases, one way, from on-premises AD to Azure AD, those cloud-only objects are not covered by your on-premises backup and recovery tools. Moreover, the native option – undeleting cloud objects from the Azure AD Recycle Bin – is sorely limited. As a result, you’re left with a critical gap in your enterprise data recovery strategy.

In this white paper we’ll review how a hybrid AD environment works, explain the types and purposes of cloud-only objects and attributes, and discuss the limitations of native tools for recovering them.