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Predicting the Future of Endpoint Management in a Mobile World

Predicting the Future of Endpoint Management in a Mobile World

Information technology professionals face device and data management problems that were basically unheard of just 10 years ago.

Gone are the days when the majority of an organization’s end users sat in cubicles working on PCs hardwired into a LAN. The proliferation of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices allow an increasing number of employees to work from home offices, coffee shops, airport terminals, and almost anywhere else that a wifi connection can be made.

This Digital Dialogue is based on a webcast featuring Tech Evangelist, Timothy Warner of Pluralsight and Nick Morea of Quest Software. They examine the unruly environment that IT is now being asked to manage and what the future holds for mobile endpoint management. 

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Managing BYOD and COPE Devices

  • "Bring Your Own Device" has become a well-known term for devices that fall under a workplace policy where employees are allowed to use personally owned devices in the workplace as well as on the road.
  • COPE is a newer acronym, which stands for Company Owned, Personally Enabled.

Endpoint Device Confetti

  • When users have a mix of BYOD and COPE scenarios, IT faces "endpoint device confetti".
  • Endpoint device confetti creates a nightmare scenario for IT when they are asked to manage the complexities of so much hardware and so many operating systems.
  • Warner states, "Any business without solutions – a service desk solution, endpoint management solution – is going to be dead in the water, given all these complexities."

How is IT going to handle help tickets coming from the endpoint device confetti? What happens when a regulatory requirement or legal issue mandates reporting and tracking of data from a wide range of mobile hardware? Warner and Morea discuss these questions and more in the full white paper, available now.

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Predicting the Future of Endpoint Management in a Mobile World

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