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Scanning, Image Acquisition and Virtual Desktops - From Healthcare Nightmare to Operational Advantage

Virtualizing desktops made life easier for medical professionals, but imaging devices became less reliable. The widespread embrace of virtualization and virtual desktops evolved the architecture completely. While some physical device might still remain in individual offices, those devices became effectively “dumb terminals” for receiving remotely hosted virtual desktops (or applications). Not surprisingly, this new virtual architecture improved life for medical professionals, but at the cost of the imaging device’s needs. IT soon discovered that some imaging devices didn’t work with virtual desktops, while others suffered from network performance issues. Support for the variety of imaging devices in operation was spotty at best, which increased the risk of impacting patient care.  In this whitepaper you learn more about the challenges virtual desktops pose when it comes to scanning and image acquisition - as well as how to overcome those challenges.

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