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The Citrix Super Admin ― How to Simplify Your Work with X-ray Vision

Many organizations rely on Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop to transform applications and desktops into a secure, on-demand services. But ensuring high performance and high availability of Citrix VDI services in today’s complex and dynamic environments is a challenge. To be most effective, Citrix administrators need deep visibility — a kind of X-ray vision — into all aspects of the environment. For example, to pre-empt calls from frustrated users, you need to be able to identify, pinpoint and resolve emerging performance issues. And to handle multiple concurrent logins gracefully instead of enduring login storms, you need visibility into resource utilization and trends.

The native monitoring tool provides some of the insight you need, but it is not a complete, end-to-end monitoring solution. This paper explores exactly what X-ray vision you need to become a Citrix super admin.