Durham Region Police Service: Police service slashes backup times by 75 percent

The DR4100 has cut our backup windows by 75 percent. Backups that used to take four days by tape now take just one day.

Glen Cain, Senior Systems Analyst, Durham Region Police service

With backups constantly overrunning their windows and failing, Durham Region Police Service knew it needed to replace its tape-based approach to data protection. Now, with the DR4100 Disk Backup Appliance delivering deduplication rates of 90–98 percent, backup times have been cut by 75 percent, ensuring SLAs are met. IT staff no longer waste time babysitting backups, and the organization saved more than $50,000 by not having to purchase more robots and tapes.

  • Delivers “astonishing” deduplication rates that regularly top 90 percent and sometimes approach 98 percent
  • Slashes backup times by 75 percent, enabling IT staff to meet their SLAs
  • Provides ongoing cost savings on top of an initial savings of $50,000

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