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Grow your MSP business with Quest NetVault Plus

Meet profit goals with NetVault Plus and the Quest Data Protection MSP Program.

Cloud-ready data protection for MSPs

It’s a tough business climate for MSPs. Sure, the data protection market is expected to reach $14 billion by 2025 as businesses increasingly adopt subscription-based services, but the competition is brutal. Quest NetVault Plus provides a single solution to protect all your clients’ data center and cloud-based resources — both physical and virtual. This cloud-ready data protection solution greatly simplifies backup and recovery to help increase IT staff productivity while you grow your profitability. To learn more, visit the NetVault Plus product page.


Key Benefits

Start or grow your MSP business

Shorten time to market for new data protection services.

Boost profits

Gain competitive pricing, rebates and other incentives.

Simplify administration

Increase IT staff productivity and further ensure customer data protection.

The NetVault Plus advantage

Why use NetVault Plus?

Why use NetVault Plus?

Quest NetVault Plus offers purpose-built MSP features and multitenant architecture that make it easy for MSPs like you to manage hundreds of clients. With NetVault Plus, you can protect a massive number of servers, in both the data center and in the cloud, containing petabytes of data — from one web-based console. It delivers high-performing yet easy-to-use comprehensive backup and recovery features to protect a wide range of applications running on both physical and virtual environments.

Single solution for all your clients’ needs

Single solution for all your clients’ needs

Quest NetVault Plus protects a wide range of file, application and database servers, including Office 365, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle, SAP, SAP HANA, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and so many more. You only need one solution to cover all your clients’ needs, simplifying operations and reducing IT costs.

Dual-role management interface

Dual-role management interface

Quest NetVault Plus delivers a dual-role management interface allowing you to manage backup and recovery for your clients ― and provide access to your clients to perform certain NetVault Plus tasks themselves. How you set it up is entirely up to you. Administration is easier, and you’ll have happy clients.

Top-notch security

Top-notch security

All IT organizations are concerned with security, especially when outsourcing data protection or when using a public cloud to store their information. NetVault Plus provides strong data security with CAST-128, AES-256 and CAST-256 encryption and uses encryption libraries certified for FIPS 140-2 Level 1 to help you overcome your clients' and prospects’ security and regulatory compliance concerns.

Ransomware protection

Ransomware protection

Help your clients protect their backup data from ransomware attacks with the NetVault Plus immutable backup storage and backup data recycle bin. Ensure you can recover their data if ransomware or other cyberattack occurs on their production systems. Remember, backup is their last line of defense.

Gain unparalleled support

Gain unparalleled support

With the Quest Data Protection MSP Program, you’ll achieve fast time to market for your services through comprehensive planning, implementation and management support tailored to your company’s needs. We offer complete technical support for installation and proofs of concept (POCs). You’ll have access to comprehensive, free, self-driven training and enablement tailored to your specific needs as well as professional services and instructor-led training for all offerings. A specialized MSP program team helps simplify and accelerate licensing to engage with you on new business opportunities and service offerings as well as to quickly resolve any issues that may occur.

Key Features

Physical and virtual support

Protect physical and virtual servers with a single solution that scales to thousands of VMs.

Enterprise-wide control

Configure, manage and monitor all operations with a web-based console and intuitive workflows.

Powerful catalog search

Conduct fast and granular searches for files and objects for both backup and restore.

Broad application protection

Ensure availability Office365, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle, DB2, SAP, SAP HANA, Sybase, Teradata and more.

Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD support

Log into NetVault Plus using your AD single sign-on credentials, and assign roles based on AD privileges.

App-aware storage array snapshots

Perform significantly easier and faster backups with RTOs and RPOs that meet demanding business needs.

Extensive storage options

Back up to a wide range of disk and tape backup devices and gain advanced data protection for NAS devices.

Strong security

Meet regulatory requirements with an encryption plug-in for CAST-128, AES-256 or CAST-256 support.


Address government data security requirements with NetVault Plus Backup Crypto Module, uses encryption libraries certified for FIPS 140-2 Level 1


Multi-tenant architecture with MSP "master admin" and MSP "customer admin" roles, along with MSP licensing and pricing.

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