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Add QoreStor® to your Veeam backup managed services: add value, increase margins

As a Veeam Managed Services Provider (MSP), you know that with the rise in remote work, ransomware, cyberattacks, and data growth, businesses are seeing it as essential to outsource data protection services to Managed Services Providers (MSPs). Alongside this, data creation is growing exponentially coupled with backup storage and data protection needs. It would seem that, as an MSP, the time has never been better for business!
Veeam Backup and Quest QoreStor: Making Backup and Recovery Better 04:38
The flip side to all of this is that the competition is fierce, and margins are tight. Data growth is driving up cloud storage costs and you need to ensure your backup and data protection services are maintaining profitability while you grow your business.

This is where Quest® QoreStor® comes in. With its powerful deduplication and cloud tiering abilities, QoreStor can add value to your Veeam backup services, compress your storage data and help you maintain profitability.

Learn more about how QoreStor can help you

Learn more about how QoreStor can help you

Accelerate Veeam backups and recovery while reducing backup storage.

Reduce storage footprint and costs both in your data center and in the cloud.

Discover how Medialine AG achieved 90% deduplication and cuts their archive storage costs in half.

Find out how EDSI avoided appliance capital expenses and offered clients software-based disaster recovery.

Contact our dedicated data protection MSP sales team today to see how QoreStor can complement your Veeam backup service offering.