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Grow your MSP business with Quest® QoreStor®

Meet profit goals with QoreStor and the Quest Data Protection MSP Program.  Enhance your data protection services today

While the data protection market for managed service providers (MSPs) is expected to reach $14 billion by 2025, the competition is fierce, making it more important than ever to differentiate your service offerings. Quest QoreStor® is a software-defined secondary storage solution, used in the data center and any cloud. QoreStor complements your data protection service offerings, integrating with many of the backup and recovery software solutions you may already use. QoreStor helps you and your clients significantly reduce storage costs via deduplication, accelerate backups via protocol accelerators to reduce risk of data loss, and securely replicate backups offsite for disaster recovery. To learn more, visit the QoreStor product page.

Grow your MSP business with Quest

No Upfront Costs or Commitments

QoreStor MSP consumption-based licensing allows MSPs to use QoreStor with no up-front costs, no long term contracts, and no minimum commitments. MSPs only pay for the storage they use.

Key Benefits

Expand service offerings

Enhance and provide more value through your backup and disaster recovery offerings

Boost profits

Increase profitability from new and existing customers

Increase customer diversity

Broaden your services to address both SMB and enterprise client needs

Stand out from the crowd

Differentiate your business from competitors’ offerings







The QoreStor advantage

The answer for business growth for Veeam MSPs. 01:59

Why use QoreStor?

By adding QoreStor to your data protection solution, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the storage footprint in your data center along with the costs of securing your clients’ data. You can accelerate backups from your clients’ sites to your data center with source-side deduplication and be able to securely replicate backups to your data center or public cloud (like Azure and AWS) with optimized, secure data transfer. And the Cloud Tier technology built into QoreStor provides an optimized, secure, long-term data store using low-cost public cloud storage.
Client benefits

Client benefits

With QoreStor, your clients’ backups will complete faster so they can run backups more often to reduce the risk of data loss and business downtime. They’ll be able to address ever-tightening backup windows to avoid impact to business systems and the network. In addition, reduced storage costs will enable them to repurpose budgets for business growth initiatives.
Enhance your BaaS business

Enhance your BaaS business

QoreStor will enhance your backup-as-a-service (BaaS) businesses. You’ll be able to significantly reduce your storage costs by deduplicating backup data, so you can be more cost competitive or increase profits — your choice. With QoreStor, you can manage all clients via a multi-tenant, software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based console, and provide optimized backup data movement and management. In addition, you can deploy on any hardware or virtual infrastructure including cloud, thanks to this fully software-defined solution.
Gain unparalleled support

Gain unparalleled support

With the Quest Data Protection MSP Program, you’ll achieve fast time-to-market for your services through comprehensive planning, implementation and management support, tailored to your company’s needs. We offer complete technical support for installation and proofs of concept (POCs). You’ll have access to comprehensive, free, self-driven training and enablement tailored to your specific needs as well as professional services and instructor-led training for all offerings. A specialized MSP program team helps simplify and accelerate licensing to engage with you on new business opportunities and service offerings and to quickly resolve any issues that may occur.

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MSP Innovation Awards 2019

Key Features

Veeam Ready

iconiconTested with Veeam Backup & Replication v9.5 Update 3a, v10, v11 and v12.

Hardware and software agnostic

Gain flexibility by using any storage hardware, backup software or cloud provider.

Role-based user access

Assign access based on role for more granular control for larger organizations and MSPs.

Direct-to-cloud backup

Back up directly to the cloud over your WAN, but with LAN-like speeds.

Direct-to-target backup

Back up directly to the target storage device, bypassing the media server.

Best-in-class deduplication technology

Lower backup storage requirements by an average of 20:1.

Remote replication for DR

Replicate only unique data to remote site, reducing the replication windows by 10 to 15 times.

Secure Connect with built-in protocol accelerators

Ensure backups complete, despite slow and unreliable WAN connections, and accelerate data ingest by up to 20TB/hra

Data security

Tighten data security with built-in encryption at rest, secure erase and FIPS 140-2 compliance.

NetVault Integration

Accelerate backups and add replication, variable block deduplication, and direct to storage backup by using QoreStor with NetVault.

Cloud-tier storage

Simplify long-term data retention, reduce storage cost and gain fast recovery. May be used with multiple clouds to separate backup data storage or move cloud-tiered backup data from one cloud to another.

Immutability and recycle bin

Immutability technologies, RDA integration and recycle bin fight against malicious data loss.

Object locking & versioning control

Makes backup applications that use S3-Compatible storage immutable to protect data against ransomware and other cyber-attcks.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

SAML-based user identity authentication supporting MFA with external identity providers OneLogin, Azure and Okta.

Data recycle bin

Helps protect against ransomware attacks by storing a copy of deleted data in the QoreStor data recycle bin for the specified retention period. Works with all supported backup applications.

Continuous Data Protection and Instant Restore

Enables innovative Continuous Data Protection (CDP) with incremental forever protection of VMware virtual machines, providing instant recovery direct from deduplicated storage, keeping recovery times and storage costs to a minimum.

*Requires Quest NetVault 13.1.

Cloud options

MSP mode up to 32 storage groups and 32 cloud tiers. Enable new cloud options for customers including bring your own cloud storage.

Anomaly Detection

To further enhance ransomware protection for backup data, QoreStor provides automated alerting to anomalous data operations.

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