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SharePlex for SQL Server

Ensure high availability and strengthen disaster recovery

Need to move data from SQL Server to another database platform? Worried about downtime and data loss? These concerns are valid and they can prevent you from taking advantage of modern, cost-effective database platforms. But what if you could safely perform migrations and upgrades – while ensuring high availability and strengthening disaster recovery?

With SharePlex® for SQL Server, you can achieve all-the-time uptime and recover data quickly and easily – before, during and after your major database projects. In fact, you’ll never have to worry about database downtime or data loss again. You can even use SharePlex to improve database performance by offloading reporting. Decide where you want your data to go. Then trust SharePlex to get it there safely. Move it, don’t lose it, with SharePlex data replication.

Die Verwendung von SharePlex kann sich aus folgenden Gründen lohnen:

Vereinfachen Sie die SQL Server Datenreplikation.
Replizieren Sie Daten auf die und von der Standard oder Enterprise Edition von SQL Servern ohne den zusätzlichen Aufwand, der bei der nativen Replikation für die Wartung der Infrastruktur erforderlich ist. Capture change data until posting to destination databases, ensuring data accuracy in-flight and near-zero downtime to your critical application environment.
Verbesserung der Datenbankleistung durch Auslagerung der Berichterstellung
Improve the performance of your transactional databases by offloading non-critical workloads to lower-cost platforms. Erstellen Sie mit transaktionalen SQL Server Daten Echtzeit-Repositorys für Business Intelligence und Analysen, ohne sich auf Stapelverarbeitung oder Snapshots verlassen zu müssen.
Replikation von Daten in die Cloud
Stay ahead of your competition by taking advantage of new database technologies that let you maximize the value of your data while reducing costs. You can easily replicate your on-premises SQL Server databases to open-source and cloud environments for greater scalability.