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Database Migrations and Upgrades

Move data to new database platforms and versions without business interruption. Your customers and users expect always-on functionality, which means there’s never a good time for maintenance windows. So, why have them? Whether you’re performing a database migration or a database upgrade, service disruptions can be completely avoided with SharePlex® database replication and database synchronization.

Migrations and Upgrades

Modernize your database environment without risk

There’s an important difference between a database upgrade and a database migration, and that difference is your data. Upgrading transforms an existing database environment into a new release environment. The data itself is not directly affected during an upgrade.

A database migration refers to moving data from a source database to a separate destination database, such as when you move your database environment to new hardware, a new operating system or a new platform, like the cloud.

However, both database migrations and database upgrades have the potential to wreak havoc on database availability if something goes wrong during the process. That’s why Fortune 500 companies rely on SharePlex to meet their database operational goals without any downtime, data loss or business interruption.

Database upgrades without maintenance windows

Staying current with database versions is desirable to receive the latest functionality, bug fixes and security patches. Databases are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks, yet many organizations put off upgrades because the process can be difficult, time-consuming and error-prone.

If you rely on native tools to perform your database upgrade, you must accept that these tools require a maintenance window, as the database upgrade inherently prevents the database from operating. There’s also a risk that the upgrade will fail, and DBAs have often spent nights, weekends and holidays upgrading a database only to have to roll it back the following Monday. This is bad for users, bad for business and certainly bad for the database team.

What if you could quickly and safely replicate your data to a new, upgraded database instance without any impact to critical business functions? You could perform verification and testing for as long as needed to ensure the upgrade is working properly, and then switch over when the time comes.

Database migrations without downtime or data loss

Every database migration brings its own set of challenges because it involves changing the infrastructure of the database – such as the hardware or operating system. Of course, changing the hardware can also mean moving from on-premises to the cloud. Migrations require ensuring that the entire application stack operates properly in the new environment, without any performance degradation.

If you’re using native database migration tools, that’s no easy task. You’re also risking downtime and lost data. No wonder 90 percent of DBAs cite database migrations as their most stressful responsibility. Thankfully, SharePlex changes that.

With SharePlex, you can eliminate all the stress and risk you may have been anticipating with your next database migration. That’s because SharePlex includes the superior functionality you need to safely move data to on-premises and cloud databases, at a fraction of the cost of native tools.

How can SharePlex help?

In-flight data accuracy. Detects data anomalies through built-in, before-and-after image data comparisons at the transaction level. This enforces data integrity and ensures the replica copy is guaranteed accurate.

Compare-and-repair. Eliminates downtime associated with taking applications offline when data is compromised. By making repairs in line, SharePlex saves time and mitigates risk.

Database migration failback. Provides a migration-rollback recovery mechanism to replicate from a newer version of Oracle back to an older version. This safeguards your data if the application does not work correctly after the database migration, regardless of how much work users have done since the migration. It enables failback to the older version with no loss of user data.

24x7x365 support. Offers peace of mind, knowing you’re backed by a team of award-winning database migration and upgrade experts.

One tool, many use cases

In addition to database migrations and upgrades, you can also use SharePlex to offload reporting and ensure database high availability.


Offload reporting to support analytics and big-data projects and improve overall database performance.

High availability

Achieve high availability by seamlessly moving data across your Oracle or PostgreSQL database environment.

What if you could perform database migrations and upgrades without any downtime or data loss?

Imagine how relieved you’d feel if you could adopt a safer, easier approach that never interrupted business as usual. Now, you can.



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