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Offloading Reporting

Maximize the value of your data without impacting database performance. Your organization’s data is its most valuable asset. Data analytics and reporting are critical for business success. But big data has traditionally required big overhead. The drawback of having so much data at your disposal is the impact it has on database performance. When data must be accessed for big data projects, reports, ad hoc queries and more, I/O contention occurs on your production system. This dramatically slows database performance. And that means lost productivity, frustrated end users and a negative impact on your bottom line.
Offloading Reporting

So how do you access data from the production database without affecting database performance?

Expensive hardware upgrades or maintaining several databases exclusively for reporting and analytics may seem like good ideas. But these approaches only increase the cost of doing business. You need a more affordable, impact-free approach to access business-critical data.

You need to offload reporting and analytics

By offloading reporting and analytics, you can easily and affordably tap into the full potential of your data – without sacrificing database performance. You can use data replication for offloading reporting to a separate system, without purchasing and maintaining dedicated databases just for analytics. This technique allows you to split online transaction processing and database reporting to a data warehouse instance that is constantly maintained to reflect the activity on the production system. That means business users and data scientists can analyze and report on accurate, real-time data without creating database contention. This approach also helps with a number of additional scenarios.

Data replication supports a variety of use cases for reporting.

Centralized reporting

Do your remote users have trouble accessing centralized data? Instead of having them log on to the already taxed production system to run queries, reports and analytics, you can replicate the data to a database system of their choosing. They can then perform local queries to access the data they need. This offloads query processing and accelerates data access.

Data distribution

You can increase flexibility by replicating some tables to a single target location, while replicating other tables and sequences to other target systems. This scalable approach supports target systems in different locations.


With data replication, you can distribute departments across different systems to improve online transaction processing and reporting. This approach also supports multiple systems updating the same tables. If a conflict is detected, it invokes a user-defined conflict resolution routine.

How can SharePlex® help?

Improve database performance on your production system. Offload reporting from your production system to your destination system to ensure high availability and accelerate database reporting.

Run reports with fresh data during regular business hours. With SharePlex, you don’t have to wait for less busy windows to generate large reports.

Create an always-in-sync copy of your transactional data. Perform billing and reporting on a second server easily and affordably.

Make advanced real-time analytics a reality. Gain a competitive advantage with advanced analytics, without impacting critical applications. Accommodate complex reporting and archiving processes.

Implement load balancing. This improves database performance, optimizes your reporting environment and improves OLTP performance.

Ensure data accuracy. Take advantage of built-in monitoring, conflict resolution and data comparison and synchronization capabilities to ensure data accuracy in flight. All with no performance lags.

Replicate and integrate data in near real time. Get real-time data integration and warehousing with access to change history and metadata.

One tool, many use cases

In addition to offloading reporting, you can also use SharePlex ensure database high availability, migrate or upgrade your databases without business interruption and much more.

High availability

Achieve high availability by seamlessly moving data across your Oracle or PostgreSQL database environment.

Migrations and upgrades

Perform impact-free Oracle and PostgreSQL database migrations and upgrades without downtime or data loss.

Better reporting. Better database performance.

Get the best of both worlds with SharePlex. Learn more about offloading reporting with SharePlex data replication.



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