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TEC Talks: Hybrid Active Directory Resilience

Watch these online training webinars to see how to go beyond perimeter security and create a true cyber resilience lifecycle.

Secure your entire Active Directory ecosystem! When you require actionable and invaluable guidance to establish robust cyber resilience for your hybrid Active Directory environment, take advantage of these in Microsoft environments, check out these Hybrid Active Directory TEC Talks.

Active Directory and Azure Active Directory (Entra ID) serve as the bedrock of your organization's identity security, making them prime targets for cyber adversaries. These on-demand sessions brought to you by Microsoft MVPs and industry experts delve into methods for going beyond basic perimeter defense and offer insights into building a comprehensive cyber resilience lifecycle that lets you identify, safeguard against, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber threats.

Making Generative AI Work for Microsoft 365

Making Generative AI Work for Microsoft 365

AI-based Microsoft 365 Copilot is coming. But before you commit, join this TEC Talk to understand the technology behind Copilot and how it generates information from M365 applications.
Microsoft Security Copilot – Potential, Hype, and Risk?

Microsoft Security Copilot – Potential, Hype, and Risk?

How will Microsoft Security Copilot impact cybersecurity? This TEC Talk explores its key features and capabilities and how it integrates in the Microsoft security ecosystem.
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What Should and Should Not Be in Your Active Directory Disaster Recovery Plan

Despite Active Directory (AD) being 20+ years old, many organizations still haven’t fully-baked or tested their AD disaster recovery plan. This TEC Talk lays out the do's and don'ts of building a plan and offers lessons learned from these AD recovery experts.
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Proper Password Protection within Active Directory and Azure Active Directory Environments

Attacks against Active Directory have been steadily increasing. In this TEC Talk, we’ll review how credentials are compromised and look at various methods to mitigate risk.
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5 Steps to Embark on Your Zero Trust Journey with Microsoft 365

Zero Trust is about adopting a mindset and a few core principles. In this TEC Talk, we’ll explore those core principles and provide practical advice on putting them into action.
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Abusing Group Policy for Fun and Profit

Anyone who works with Active Directory has some familiarity with Group Policy. In this TEC Talk, we’ll delve into the ways that GPOs can be both used and misused.
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Controlling the Control Plane- Defining gaps in Tier Zero to shut down Attack Paths

The Tier Zero concept has been around for 13+ years, but attackers are still succeeding. This TEC Talk explores the Enterprise Access Model and why it’s critical for securing identities.
Protecting Privileged User and Workload Identities in Microsoft Entra

Protecting Privileged User and Workload Identities in Microsoft Entra

Securing privileged access of IT admins is a security priority for most organizations. This TEC Talk explores automation for provisioning, managing and classification of privileged access.
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Advanced Hypothesis-Based Threat Hunting with Microsoft Azure Solutions

More than 65% of data breaches go undetected. This TEC Talk explores how to increase detection via hypothesis-based threat hunting tailored for your own environment.

Boost your M365 Administration & Security with AI

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. So how can you leverage AI language models for more productive Microsoft 365 administration with higher security? This TEC Talk will show you.
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Securing Identities in the Cloud: Microsoft’s Efforts to Combat Security Threats using Microsoft Entra ID

As businesses move to the cloud, securing digital identities is increasingly vital. This TEC Talk explores various security threats and steps Microsoft is taking to address them.

Not Today, Satan: Securing Your Network by Blocking Ad-Borne Malware

Internet ads aren’t just annoying, they can be actively harmful. This TEC Talk explores threats caused by ad content and delivery and reviews practical tools for reducing the threat.

Understanding Risk and How You Can Use It to Deliver Better

 IT leaders are constantly being told to do more with less. This TEC Talk takes you through real-world examples of IT projects that were viewed as valuable by executives and boards.

How to Develop and Deliver a Successful Long-Term Security Strategy with Microsoft (and Quest)

From built-in capabilities to third-party solutions, there’s more than one way to secure Microsoft environments. This TEC Talk explores how to implement a successful security strategy.