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Systems Management for Education

Manage and secure your IT environment

Systems Management for Education

Whether you’re implementing systems management and systems deployment solutions for a single campus or across multiple locations, it can be a challenge to find solutions that support growth while securing your diverse environment, especially as newer systems and devices, such as Chromebooks, are being added to the mix. KACE appliances deliver comprehensive systems and device management, from initial deployment through management, security and support for servers, Windows-based computers, Mac OSX computers, Chromebooks, and a wide array of connected, non-computer devices.

Unlike most software-based alternatives, KACE appliances do not require costly infrastructure investments at each school or campus location. The KACE appliances provide a variety of remote site management and remote administration capabilities, including device discovery and inventory, software license compliance, image deployment, operating system migration, and automated software upgrades.


Streamlined IT management
Provides a unified and detailed understanding of the software and hardware installed across your connected environment, regardless of the OS platform. Gain detailed access to your hardware and software inventory of Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX systems, along with inventory, management and service desk functionality of your Chromebooks.
Simplified image deployment
Improves the speed, performance and reliability of large scale multiplatform OS deployments with reduced network bandwidth consumption. Whether it’s distributing to tens, hundreds, or thousands of computers, the KACE SDA improves performance and reliability with multicasting capabilities for Windows and Mac OSX that enables you to deploy images simultaneously to multiple devices while consuming less network bandwidth.
Advanced service desk functionality
Efficiently troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely across your entire environment. The fully integrated, easy-to-use KACE SMA service desk helps you simplify asset configuration and management, ensuring high service levels and improving end-user satisfaction. Use the KACE Go App to gain access to the KACE SMA from mobile devices and remain productive even when you are away from your desk or on the road.
Improved and automated system and network security
Ensures that your machines and network are up and running and protected from viruses and malware. The KACE SMA automates critical tasks such as patch management, software updates, and platform migrations, thereby reducing the cost, complexity and resources required to maintain the integrity of your campus network.
Mobile device management
Makes it easy to support and secure mobile devices, allowing you to manage laptops, desktops, servers, virtual machines, Chromebooks, and tablets with consistency and flexibility. Simplify solution deployment, device provisioning and security policy enforcement, for all device types across your entire environment.
Proactively prepare for new assessment programs
To ensure that your K-12 school meets the configuration specifications for end-user devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, and servers for new assessment programs.