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Active Administrator for DNS Management

Proactively manage, monitor and alert on DNS server health. When DNS services fail, your users are unable to access corporate applications and sites. Thus, ensuring DNS availability is critical to the daily operations of your organization. Unfortunately, native tools lack the ability to monitor and alert on the availability, health and critical changes to DNS.
Active Administrator for DNS Management
Active Administrator for DNS Management
Active Administrator includes DNS management to help your organization ensure the availability of your DNS services. It allows you to create, edit and delete DNS records while providing alerts on critical DNS record changes or failures. It also provides search and reporting tools that allow you to view DNS event logs across your entire enterprise. Automated tests and analysis help you validate common Active Directory DNS records and troubleshoot DNS issues.


Proactive Monitoring

Automate the monitoring and alerting of DNS health with scheduled tests. Domain tests validate common Active Directory DNS records required for operations.

Automated DNS analysis

Troubleshoot DNS issues or validate server functionality with DNS Analyzer. Administrators can easily test multiple DNS servers simultaneously for records such as MX or CNAME with the results printed in a clear report.

Full DNS record management

Manage any of the organization’s DNS records. Choose any DNS server in the organization and create, edit or delete DNS records as needed.

Remote DNS log viewer

View DNS event logs with full searching and filtering of the records to aid in troubleshooting.

In-depth DNS searching

Quickly search DNS servers without having to use native tools. Save popular searches for future use and repeated testing.


Active tiles
DNS management
DNS search
DNS monitoring
DNS analyzer
DNS event logs
Active tiles

Active tiles

Quickly view the status of Domain Name Servers and drill down for details.



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Proactively manage, monitor and alert on DNS health from a single console.

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