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DR4300 Disk Backup Appliance

Ready for high-performance backups with a smaller footprint? We thought so.

Back up more. Store less. Perform better.

Easily shrink backup windows and storage requirements with the DR4300 Disk Backup Appliance − and avoid having to rip and replace your existing backup software. With its deduplication target repositories, this reliable solution supports 15+ backup applications with:

  • Global in-line deduplication to reduce storage requirements and optimize your environment
  • Built-in storage protocol accelerators to enhance existing backup software (Veeam, Veritas, CommVault or any of 15+ supported backup software solutions)
  • Increased data security and integrity with air-gap cold storage networking functionality provided within the DR Series resiliency architecture
  • Enterprise storage resiliency included as RAID6 (two disk failures) and one (1) hot spare in every DR4300 and add-on shelf, resulting in 108TB usable, 144TB RAW, and massive 2.1PB logical capacity

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