Device Security

Seamless and centralized desktop management for true Windows environment management.

Desktop Authority offers a range of security options to help you control access and maintain a secure environment.

Endpoint Lockdown (Available for Standard and Professional Editions Only)

The USB and Port Security option uses granular read/write permissions to lock down more than 20 types devices where data could enter or leave the desktop.

Patch Management (Available for Standard and Professional Editions Only)

The optional Patch Deployment for Desktops centrally deploys patches for both Microsoft and select third-party vendor products in multiple languages, providing comprehensive protection against known vulnerabilities.

Service Pack Enforcement

Eliminate the pain from deploying critical Service Packs. Get them installed fast without interrupting users. With Desktop Authority, automatically deploying Service Packs requires little more than point, click, done.

Reporting (Standard and Professional Editions Only)

Built-in reporting includes both turnkey and custom reports covering access to secured endpoint devices, details on data transferred to removable storage, patch status, and more.