Patch Management: An Optional Component for Desktop Authority

Available for Both Standard and Professional Editions

Seamless and centralized desktop management for true Windows environment management.

Patch management is all about ensuring that the right patches quickly reach the right desktops. Since vulnerabilities can be linked to specific configurations and applications, deployment also has to be granular and precise. The Desktop Authority Patch Management component rapidly delivers reliable, intelligent patching for each user environment.

Experience the benefits of this component when you try the Standard or Professional editions of Desktop Authority!

  • Granular User Control - Only the Patch Management component allows you specify which users are permitted to take particular patching actions (such as deferring installation), to ensure that everyone gets updates as quickly as possible.

  • Real-time Targeting Criteria - The Patch Management component uses Validation Logic to help you target patches precisely to your users’ needs via a simple interface. You can leverage more than 40 rule criteria and 150 variables that are updated automatically in real time.

  • Multi-language Support - The Patch Management component supports downloading and installing patches in English, German, French, and Spanish.

  • Total Update Awareness - The Patch Management component determines which patches are relevant to various desktop configurations. For instance, desktops without certain applications enabled won't need the patches. Or, if two patches are available, and the later patch contains the first, only that later patch will be installed.

  • Tiered Patch Distribution - The Patch Management component supports multiple deployment servers, allowing you to distribute patches from the server closest to each desktop.