Real-time Targeting Engine with Patented Validation Logic

Seamless and centralized desktop management for true Windows environment management.

Let Desktop Authority ensure that the right configurations are always presented to the right users, no matter where they are or how they log in. Using a simple web interface, you can define automatic configurations for new users—based on a granular mix of more than 40 criteria, including organization, user identity, machine OS and more. Targeting also ensures that existing users always have the most updated configurations.


Desktop Authority presents more than 40 predefined criteria to automatically deploy unique desktop configurations. Those criteria encompass the user, the computer, type of desktop (physical, terminal or virtual) and deployment timing. You can easily define configurations based on user or organizational identity, type of machine and operating system, virtual or physical environment, connection type and more. Supplemental Boolean support lets you target settings based on multiple criteria.

Dynamic Desktop

Through the course of a day, users move to different locations, log in to different machines and access Terminal Servers. Desktop Authority evaluates the targeting criteria at the time the profile is applied, so when things change, the targeting changes automatically. And if users change something, Desktop Authority will re-apply the desired setting the next time the profile refreshes.

Configuration of Elements

Configure more than 30 unique elements with Desktop Authority—registries, drives, applications, printers, web browsers and more. Desktop Authority allows you to configure and deploy each element quickly and easily to the appropriate subset of the organization.

Group Configurations

Combine configuration elements into profiles to represent locations, groups of users—even a disaster recovery configuration—to make it even easier to meet the current business needs of your users.