Windows Environment Management

Seamless and centralized desktop management for true Windows environment management.

Hardware and software are also managed and monitored by Desktop Authority. Keep every IT asset up to date and optimized, as well as account for its activity, regardless of where it's located, who's using it, or the type of device.

Physical, Virtual, Published

Desktop Authority enables precise management of every delivery infrastructure—physical, virtual, or published—all from a single solution.

Power Scheme Management

Centrally create, edit and deploy power schemes to provide the optimal balance between energy savings and user productivity. Manage power settings, shut down inactive machines and centralize reporting of energy-savings.

Software Deployment (Professional Edition Only)

A centralized, automated solution deploys software consistently across the enterprise, which significantly lowers the cost of desktop ownership.

Hardware/Software Inventory (Professional Edition Only)

Desktop Authority collects detailed information about each application and machine it manages. Detailed reports are available for both hardware and software assets.

Reporting (Standard and Professional Editions Only)

Create reports on inventory, user activity and more with turnkey and custom reports. Desktop Authority collects information about each user and computer under management. Detailed reports are available for both hardware and software.

Wake-on LAN

Remotely wake up machines that are shut down or suspended to perform operations such as installing upgrades during the machine's idle hours.