Data Deduplication Software

Get secure data and applications in both physical and virtual environments

Reduce your backup storage footprint and significantly reduce storage costs with NetVault Backup’s deep support for a wide range of target storage devices, including DR Series of disk-backup appliances, NetVault SmartDisk, and third-party deduplication technologies.


DR appliances

NetVault Backup software integrates seamlessly with the DR series of disk backup appliances, enabling you to take full advantage of the appliance’s powerful deduplication, compression and replication capabilities. Shrink backup windows and improve restore times, use global source-side deduplication to reduce network traffic and efficiently send copies of your backup data offsite for disaster recovery.

  • Faster backups and restores - Rapid Data Access (RDA) technology delivers tight integration between NetVault Backup software and the DR appliance for significantly faster backup and restores. Customers using the solution can now transfer backup data up to 7.5 TB/hour.
  • Source-side deduplication - The DR appliance’s advanced deduplication and compression technology, which delivers data-reduction ratios as high as 15:1, enables NetVault Backup customers to deduplicate data directly at the source of the backup. This source-side approach minimizes network traffic and reduces the overall backup storage footprint.
  • Optimized replication - Schedule and manage replication of deduplicated data from one DR4300 appliance, with its deduplication target repositories, to another directly from the NetVault Backup WebUI. NetVault Backup automatically detects the completion and location of replicated data copies, enabling fast restores and reliable disaster recovery.

NetVault SmartDisk

NetVault SmartDisk is a software based, target-side deduplication solution that works with both NetVault Backup software and vRanger. It uses a powerful byte-level, variable block-size deduplication algorithm to reduce your backup storage footprint by up to 90 percent.

NetVault SmartDisk is hardware–independent, so you can use existing storage infrastructure and possibly even avoid purchasing additional hardware.

  • Target-side deduplication - You can pack up to 12 times more protected data into the same storage area with byte-level, variable block-size deduplication done completely on the storage target.
  • Rapid deployment - NetVault SmartDisk integrates seamlessly with NetVault Backup and vRanger, providing you with a single solution that you can easily deploy and manage.
  • Optimized replication - Replicate deduplicated data (and catalog) from a primary SmartDisk instance to a secondary SmartDisk instance. Replication is super-efficient because only unique bytes are sent over the wire. This will enable you to recover data from the disk faster and with more reliability in a disaster.

Third-party deduplication solutions

NetVault Backup software supports a wide range of third-party storage devices and deduplication appliances as well, including EMC Data Domain using DD Boost.


Feature DR series appliance NetVault SmartDisk
Appliance or software All-in-one hardware-based appliance Software that is hardware-agnostic; runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X
Source-side deduplication Yes* No
Backups speeds Up to 20TB/Hr* Up to 2TB/hr
Variable-block size deduplication Yes Yes
Global deduplication Yes Yes
Optimized replication Yes Yes

* Using the DR6000 with DR OS firmware v3.0 and the Rapid Data Access (RDA) plug-in installed on the client/source server.