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RemoteScan Document Scanning Software for Freight and ERP

Integrate scanners into your freight management workflow. Freight companies and truck drivers need fast and secure scanner connectivity while on the road and working in branch offices. You want reliable, hassle-free freight scanning software that enables mobile employees to connect document scanners with your remotely hosted freight management software, no matter where the scanners are located. You must also ensure customer data and critical internal records are secure and not stored on the endpoints.
RemoteScan Document Scanning Software for Freight and ERP
With RemoteScan, you get easy, secure, hassle-free scanning of delivery receipts, bills of lading, invoices, trip reports, logs, and more. This ERP scanning software solution offers seamless virtual integration of scanners in your Remote Desktop, Terminal Server, VMware, vWorkspace, Citrix/XenServer or LAN environment. Your end users simply connect any scanner to their PC or workstation, and scan directly into the freight management software, wherever that software is hosted. The end user simply logs into the remote session, accesses the scanning utility in the remotely hosted scanning application, and the local scanner is detected. The scanned image is immediately transmitted over the encrypted virtual channels, and is never stored on the mobile employee’s workstation. This supports a secure workflow for sensitive data. Additionally, the scanned image is immediately available on the server, ensuring real-time transmission of critical documents, faster invoicing and fewer errors. And, RemoteScan can be easily installed by any end user, without the help of technicians.


Scanning directly into your freight management software
Eliminates intermediary stored image files, custom configurations, or programming or image file manipulations. Scan any document, including delivery receipts, bills of lading, invoices, timesheets, logs, trip reports, mileage reports, and more. RemoteScan removes the need to outsource or scan from kiosks. This ensures real-time transmission of critical forms and documents, saving time and reducing errors, in addition to ensuring critical data is never stored on the mobile endpoints.

Integration with in-cab scanners
Allows you to use your Terminal Services, VMware or Citrix networks with any TWAIN-compliant, in-cab scanners because RemoteScan works with any TWAIN or WIA imaging device.

Webcam capabilities
Enable you to use RemoteScan with imaging devices, including webcams and digital cameras, in the same way as a scanner. Software applications that incorporate either scanning or image acquisition can share and access imaging devices that are connected to remote client workstations or PCs.

TWAIN, WIA and ISIS support
Enables you to use RemoteScan with any scanner that has a TWAIN or WIA driver. In addition, you can use your ISIS software with any standard TWAIN scanner.

Lossy and lossless compression
Allows you to use scanners over any network. RemoteScan functions flawlessly even during peak network congestion, so you can be sure that scanning connectivity will never be the cause of server reboots or lost time.

Document scanner and camera connectivity
Enables you to use RemoteScan in VDI, TS/RDSH PCoIP, and all other virtualized RDP, ICA and LAN network environments.